Share contacts, social media and other website links with just one tap via GOTAP smart business card.


GOTAP is a provider of smart business cards and smart tags equipped with NFC technology. GOTAP helps you create a good first impression at every meeting. Smart Cards and Tags from GOTAP require no additional applications, are easy to manage, use unlimited and support environmental sustainability programs.

With technology from GOTAP, all you need to do is stick your Smart Card or Smart Tag to your phone or scan a QR code and your virtual profile is displayed. You can update and customize your virtual business profile at any time. So if you change your mobile number, you don't have to buy a new card. You can also use the URL gotap.id/member/username on any social media and leave a lasting impression online.

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Bali, Indonesia
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Smart Business Card
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How Loker-Bali Partnered with GOTAP
How does GOTAP work?
NFC is a technology that allows users to send mobile phone numbers and contact details to other phones without having to enter the details manually.
How do I create a profile on a card?
Setelah membeli, Anda akan menerima email dengan link untuk membuat profil. This is where you can enter all your contact information, as well as social media accounts or URLs for your business services.
Do you need a special application to use the GOTAP smart business card?
No. As simple as using your phone, the technology is comparable to Apple and Android, all the features of GOTAP are now available on modern smartphones.
How much does a GOTAP smart business card cost?
You can see the price list for the GOTAP smart business card via the following link https://www.gotap.id/shopping/.
With the Smart Business Card from GOTAP, you can make a good impression at every meeting, be it business or personal. No amount limit!
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