Midtrans is a complete payment gateway solution for your business. With our solution, you can accept online and offline payments with 24 payment methods.

About Midtrans

Midtrans is the most complete payment gateway solution in Indonesia that supports many online payment methods to make it easier for customers to make business transactions. Midtrans is a smart solution for accepting payments with an easy-to-use dashboard. Midtrans provides 24 payment methods and is the only one integrated with GoPay. Perfect for Startup. Services: Payment Gateway, Business Funding.

Payment Gateway Indonesia which is equipped with advanced anomaly detection to protect your transaction process and data. The platform is also designed with maximum flexibility. Installation can be done by anyone and is compatible with any platform, from Shopify to iOS. Receive and make transactions in one day.

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Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
  • Online Payments
  • In-Store Payments
  • Payouts
Fintech dan Payment
  • English
  • Indonesia
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What products does Midtrans provide?
Midtrans provides Online Payments, In-Store Payments, and Payouts.
What use cases does Midtrans offer?
Startups and Early Business, Growing Businesses, and Enterprises.
How to use Midtrans?
How it works: First, you need to connect to the Midtrans Merchant Management Portal in trial mode and register your own online store. In this mode you can experiment with various available settings without changing anything.
Where is Midtrans' head office located?
Midtrans' head office is located at Pasaraya Blok M, Building B, 4th Floor Jl. Iskandarsyah II No. 2 Jakarta Selatan 12160
Our philosophy is to make payments easy. This can be seen in every product we create at Midtrans.
Ryu Kawano Suliawan
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