pakaian wawancara kerja yang sopan dan disukai hrd adalah kemeja dan jaz atau blazer

Never underestimate your outfit for a job interview! Wearing appropriate clothing will help you make an excellent first impression and demonstrate your professionalism to HRD. Here are 9 suggestions for selecting clothing for a job interview. Check out the explanation below!

the candidates are waiting for their turn to interview and wear decent outfit for a job interview such as shirts and suits or blazers

Put on a shirt

The most secure outfit for a job interview is a shirt. It is not only simple but also tidy and professional. Use shirts made of cotton, silk, or flannel. To stay fresh, avoid ingredients that make you sweat. Don't show up to job interviews wearing a t-shirt. If you attend the interview wearing a T-shirt, you'll come off as being very laid back and out of place.

Put on shoes that cover the entire foot

Loafers or other types of work shoes are acceptable for men. There are numerous styles and models of loafers available right now. Without being overly formal, you can pick a model that looks professional. Women should wear footwear that covers their toes, such as flats or heels. For comfort and to avoid standing out, avoid wearing high-pitched heels.

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Avoid wearing too many accessories

Avoid excessive use of accessories, especially those that are large and flashy. HRD may become distracted by excessive accessories and concentrate on them instead of you. Select an outfit with a watch or belt that is simple, yet sophisticated and elegant.

Do not wear denim pants

Avoid wearing denim pants or jeans that are too casual. Jeans can make you look less professional and seem unprepared for a job interview, especially if you wear jeans that are perforated or torn. This clause is applicable to both formal companies and the creative or entertainment industries.

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Pay attention to your hairstyle.

An outfit for a job interview is just as important as your hairstyle. For men, applying hair gel or pomade will give your hair a more polished and long-lasting appearance. For women, you can either pull your hair back so it doesn't look messy or you can tie it up.

Pay close attention to your makeup

Make sure to always keep the appearance fresh and clean. If your face feels greasy, be sure to carry face paper. Makeup is acceptable as long as you don't overdo it.

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Putting on a suit or blazer

To look more formal, put on a suit or blazer. Please pick a color that you think goes well with the inner clothing you are wearing. You can use dark or neutral hues like navy, gray, or black.

Avoid wearing strong perfumes

It is certainly acceptable to wear perfume during a job interview as long as it is not overpowering. Choose an aroma that is light and fresh.

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Pay attention to the color and pattern of clothing

The last thing you need to pay attention to in choosing an outfit for a job interview is the color and motif of the clothes you use. You can dress in a shirt with plain patterns like stripes or solid colors. Avoid wearing shirts with eye-catching patterns or colors. Try pastel or white colors if you want to wear colorful clothing. You can also wear dark-colored clothes. Dark clothing is also acceptable.

How about wearing a hijab?

Loker Bali will also offer the following advice for those of you who wear the hijab:

  • Put on a hijab that either matches your outfit or is neutral in color.
  • Select a minimalistic style of hijab.
  • Instead of wearing denim, wear pants or a skirt made of fabric.
  • Wear a cardigan or suit that can be paired with a shirt if you want to give off a more formal impression.

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Those are 9 tips for selecting an outfit for a job interview, and hopefully, they will be helpful to those of you who will be attending the upcoming interview. Visit our website to learn how to prepare for job interviews from Loker Bali!

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