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In fact, after working from home for several months, not everyone can immediately work effectively from the office. Optimal time management is essential for completing task on time at work. We sometimes feel like time is running out when we are in the office. Then, how do you manage your time when working from the office? Take a look at the 7 time management tips below!

What exactly is time management?

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Time management is a method of allocating and managing time spent on various activities in maximizing productivity and achieving already set goals. Good time management allows you to complete various activities and tasks in no time. It also allows you to focus on the time set aside for each task and will become familiar with many exercises each day. This ability is one of the most useful soft skills in the world of work and is also liked by recruiters.

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How important is time management?

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Why is time management so important to practice? So, here are some of the advantages of effective and efficient time management:

Increased productivity

With proper time management, you will be able to stay focused and disciplined, allowing you to be more productive and complete tasks on time or sooner. This way, you can complete other tasks quickly or engage in other productive activities without feeling pressed by deadlines.

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Reducing setres

The next advantage is that it can reduce stress and worry about not being able to complete tasks. Because you can manage the time between tasks, you will know what you need to do and when you need to complete it every day. A successful to-do list will provide you with a clear picture of your progress.

Have some free time

You can complete various activities on time if you have good time management skills. Time management allows you to have more time for hobbies such as going to the gym, resting, spending time with family, and other activities such as spending a weekend with a loved one.

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7 Time Management Tips for Working From Home (WFO)

a woman is facing a computer screen is making time management with her to-do-list

Just like learning other abilities, learning to manage time efficiently also takes time and process. Come on, see together 7 time management tips while working from office (WFO) below:

Set a time limit

The first thing you can do is set a time limit for each task. This can help you stay focused and disciplined when completing tasks because each job has its own deadline record, so the chances of missing it are very low.

Write a to-do-list

The second tip is to create a to-do list with a list of tasks/jobs that will be completed the following day. You can make a to-do list before going to bed or at the start of the day before starting an activity. The to-do-list function is intended to help you avoid confusion about what tasks to complete on that day and to keep you focused and organized in carrying out all activities on that day. To-do lists can be made using notebooks, sticky notes, or apps such as Notion, Trello, and others. Choose the method that is most convenient for you.

Don't multitask

You may believe that by multitasking, you can complete a large amount of work at once. However, this is not a good time management strategy. Multitasking will cause you to switch tasks in order to complete all of your tasks. As a result, the task is not completed completely and you will tire more quickly. It would be preferable if it only performed one task at a time, as this can help the brain focus. As a result, multitasking is not always beneficial. To maximize results, focus on completing tasks one by one with discipline.

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Finish according to priority

Making a to-do list was previously mentioned as one of the tips for good time management. So, after creating a to-do list, how do you determine which tasks must be completed first? The method is very simple, as illustrated by the Eisenhower Matrix table below:

table and image of eisenhower matrix about time management from loker bali

The Eisenhower matrix assists you in determining the priority of tasks to be completed, ranging from critical to minor. From the picture above, conclusions can be drawn, namely:

  • Important-Urgent Tasks: These are the tasks that must be prioritized and completed first. This task is critical and can have an impact on your life and career. This type of task can be completed in the morning.
  • Important-but-Not-Urgent Tasks: These are important but not urgent tasks. As a result, you can reschedule this task. You can finish this task after completing a critical task. Work should not be delayed to avoid buildup, unless absolutely necessary.
  • Unimportant-Urgent Tasks: These are unimportant but urgent tasks. To solve it you can ask a coworker for help to do it.
  • Unimportant-Non-Urgent Tasks: This type of task that you can skip or remove from your to-do list. Therefore this task is called non-urgent and unimportant.

Take a break

It is essential to take breaks while at work. Working for a long period of time without rest causes fatigue and difficulty concentrating. Rest is necessary to keep the brain and eyes from becoming tired too quickly.

Avoiding distractions

There are numerous things at work that can be irritating and distracting. For example, email, WhatsApp chat, Instagram, and other message notifications. Distractions not only reduce productivity but can also increase stress. One of the causes of workplace stress is a lack of control over one's work. If you have a lot of distractions while working, the time management that you have set up will be useless.

Using tools

There are numerous tools and apps available today to help you manage your time. Starting with Any do, Todoist, Trello, Notion, Time planner, Slack, Google calendar, and many other time management applications. With the help of these various tools, you can slowly get used to being a focused person and trained in good time management.


That was the discussion about 7 time management tips for those of you who are Working From Office (WFO). Get information on Work From Office (WFO) job openings in Bali right now! Check out the job vacancy information today!

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