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Writing a CV for fresh graduates is sometimes not as easy as it seems. Knowing that CV is the first point of contact with your recruiter and chance captures the recruiter’s attention. Your CV will speak about the question of why should your employers hire you. Are you ready to impress recruiters? In this article, Loker Bali has prepared useful methods to help you write a CV for fresh graduates. Check it out below!

What is a CV (Curriculum Vitae)?

CV or Curriculum Vitae is a document that emphasizes your career journey and academic history. CVs usually include information about work experience, awards or achievements, and work presentations. CV functions describe skills, experiences, and training that you’ve earned. A CV is usually one or two pages long but it's not uncommon for it to be much longer. CV is normally used for people who want to apply for jobs or other professional purposes. 

A CV for fresh graduates can vary from a usual CV as fresh graduates mostly have no experience to show. Loker Bali helps you to understand what you can focus on as ac a fresh graduate.

What are the differences between a CV and a Resume?

CV (Curriculum Vitae)Resume
You can also highlight academic accomplishmentsOnly highlights skills
Mostly used for academic and research jobsUsually used for other jobs
Feel free to include everything you’ve donePay attention to the main things you’ve done
The length depends upon experience and includes a complete list of publications, presentations, and postersMostly it is no longer than 2 pages. You can add more pages for publications that are related to the position
Always begin with educationBegin with work experience (1 year in industry) followed by the education background section
You can include as many experiences that you haveNot more than 1 or 2 pages

What are tools can use to create a CV?

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When you apply for a new job, you want to put your best by showing your work experience in an eye-catching way. Loker Bali has listed these options that come with templates and tools to make your CV/resume the best it can be:


Canva is an online design and publishing tool with more than 1000+ templates for all kinds of design projects. You can choose many fantastic-looking CV templates and it’s really easy to use! For fresh graduates, we can highly suggest using Canva as it's an easy-to-use tool!

Visual CV

Visual CV offers 20+ templates and unlimited PDF downloads. Don’t worry about your data because this app takes special care not to share personal information and your data will always be safe.

Live Career

LiveCareer walks you through the process step-by-step and the app will suggest templates by professional resume writers. The app also attributes cover letter templates, a job search tool, etc.


How to write a good CV?

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There is no length limit for writing a CV, but it is better to make it clear so that the recruiters can easily get a feel of whether you are the right candidate or not. First, it's an important thing to get straight to the point by introducing yourself in a short profile and explaining what you could bring to the job. You should also input your details such as phone number and email address. Ensure the information is visible right at the top of your CV.

After that, you can write about your working experiences and academic backgrounds. It will look more professional if you have a separate section where you can list your skills as well. But don’t go into depth about them because you will explain to your employer how everything ties together to make you the perfect candidate.

Important! It is recommended to only mention things that are relevant to the position that you have already applied for, so focus on everything that makes you feel ready for the position!

How to get your CV noticed by recruiters?

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Make them want to open your CV

Recruiters receive hundreds of applications each day and even the best CV will be useless if it sits unread. Therefore, to get your CV noticed, you must write a cover note that includes a self-introduction and describe why your CV is worth reading! Recruiters only want to find candidates who match their brief as closely as possible.

Focus on your accomplishments not only on job responsibilities

Well, but most people also write their CV and only focus on describing the responsibility of their previous job rather than their achievements. But mostly the employer wants to know what you accomplished, not just what you did. You have to make sure you've included your most current achievements.

Include your most relevant skills

This is important! Don’t forget to include your skills on your CV and recommend adding the most relevant skills to the position you’ve applied for. The skills on your CV can differentiate you from the competition. If you want to prove that you’re qualified to justify an interview, then you need to show off your job skills

If you are a fresh graduate this part can be hard for you, but there is always experience from school or other tasks and hobbies you can include in your CV for fresh graduates.

Between hard skills vs soft skills, how can I know the difference? Well, hard skills are the technical skills required to accomplish the tasks and responsibilities. Usually, your work history and certifications will talk to them. On the other hand, soft skills usually speak to personality and personal values. From soft skills, the employers can see whether the candidate can relate to an ability of their company’s work culture such as working under pressure, communicating clearly, or bonding well with others.

Make your CV easy to read

Pretty similar to the first tips, once recruiters want to open your CV then the next step is to make it easy for them to read your CV. Recruiters do not always have much time to read one by one because they’re pushed for time. So, to avoid your CV sitting unread, then you have to make your CV extremely easy to read with a simple font and divided sections. Never make recruiters read through large paragraphs or you will lose their interest quickly. Create a perfect first impression and I guarantee your CV will hold their attention!

Keep it simple

Yes, I understand you probably want to make your CV look the best by colors, font type, design, etc. but, being too much is not always good. Save the fancy formatting things for your portfolio or another document. Keep it simple. The easier format you choose then the easier recruiters to screen and read your CV. So, keep it simple!

5 Tips for Writing a CV for Fresh Graduates

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Loker Bali helps you as a Fresh Graduate to create your CV. Below we summarize with 5 tips on how you can write your first cv for fresh graduates. Good Luck!

Drop your social media

Social media accounts will help recruiters to reach you out for an interview or an upcoming update on the position you’ve applied for. Make sure this information is visible on your CV!

Make a crisp personal statement

It should state who you are, why you are motivated to be in your profession, what your professional goals are, and any awards or recognition you won in school.

List your talented skills

Evaluate which skills can help you do better at the job. For example, you can highlight your communication, organizing, or conflict management skills. Make employers impress you!

Mention your interest

These can help employers give a prospective more specific view of you as a person and their candidate.

Express your willingness to learn

This can be a great chance for you to get noticed by employers! Declaring your willingness to learn new skills and being a fast learner, can be aspects to draw their attention.

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We hope this article helps you to write a good CV for fresh graduates. If you looking for someone who can help you to create a CV? We got you an Assistant CV Maker to assist you in making your dream CV. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details!

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