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Building trust is important for every team, whether they operate in an office or remotely. Employees may lose motivation and productivity as a result of a lack of trust. Companies that have a high level of trust in their coworkers have consistently higher job performance than those that do not. As a result, Loker Bali has put together a list of 9 tips to help you develop trust among your coworkers.

Why does building trust in the workplace matter?

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Your employees will enjoy a culture of honesty, psychological safety, and mutual respect if they can trust each other in the workplace. They are more eager to go above for your company since they are proud of where they work. Employees feel more comfortable in their positions when there is trust in the workplace, which minimizes turnover.

You can create a diverse and tolerant culture where your employees have a feeling of belonging and are more engaged with their team by promoting workplace trust.

And trust contributes to the psychological safety of your team members, allowing them to ask questions, share ideas, and express themselves freely.

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How to build trust in the workplace?

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Here are 9 of the most effective ways to building trust in work environment:

Being honest and supportive

Even though it is difficult and has a harsh reality, telling the truth is the wisest choice. It's critical to communicate what employees want to hear, especially during challenging circumstances. Employee trust can be built by paying attention to employees and consistently giving them positive support. When you don't say or be honest with your employees, they will lose trust in you when the truth is out.

Showing appreciation

It is critical to express your gratitude directly to them in order to make them feel valued and to persuade them to trust in you. You might express your thanks by sending thank-you notes, giving verbal praises, or awarding bonuses. If you do this to your employees on a daily basis, you will be able to create trust with them and assist them emotionally feel valued for the work they have done.

Willing to listen

As a good and wise leader, you must be willing to listen to your employees' desires. This is simple to do by just asking them "what obstacles did you have during your work?" or "how can we assist you?" This stage is really important to your staff, and it will help you establish trust with them. Because of your caring approach and willingness to listen to their desires, they will be able to put their trust in you.

Listen more than talk

Employees in a company certainly have different individual characteristics, especially in channeling ideas or expressing their opinions. Another thing you can do to gain trust is to ask them what's on their thoughts when they plan to accomplish it and to listen carefully. This will assist you in developing a positive working relationship, as well as a mutual understanding and the emergence of trust between the two sides.

Keeping the commitment

You will be able to develop trust in your job if you constantly do what you say. Keeping promises should be a habit in your daily routine, especially if you are in a work environment.

Give coaching

Instead of being "bossy," it would be preferable if you could provide training or coaching for your employee, especially if they are having difficulty with certain tasks. If you are able to teach your staff and meet their expectations, you will be able to gain their trust and have them listen to the feedback you provide.

Be consistent

If you want to build trust in your workplace, you must be able to maintain consistency. You must be able to do the same if you want your employee to arrive early or know the client inside and out. Lead by example, demonstrating a tiny habit that would eventually urge people to do the same, while being trustworthy.

Focus on nonverbal communications and soft skills

The importance of nonverbal communication is comparable to that of verbal communication. Soft skills including attitudes and routines, as well as nonverbal communication, are very important. Every time employees approach you, create a welcoming and encouraging environment. It's critical to be patient and to speak from the heart at all times. The team will have more faith in you if they feel at ease around you.

Building tolerance

The key to building trust in the work environment is to support tolerance among people of different ethnicities and religions in the workplace. Employees will always believe in you because of your tolerance and the fact that you do not discriminate or show preference.

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Start building trust in the workplace

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The 2 most successful approaches to building trust from employees are to act quickly on employee feedback and to express gratitude to them on a daily basis. There are some things that will mean more to employees than simply ignoring minor issues and focusing on the important work they do.


It takes a lot of effort to build trust, and it's nearly impossible to recover it once it's been lost. Hopefully, the 9 tips to building trust in the above will assist you in becoming a leader who is respected and trusted by your staff. Career Coaching at Loker Bali will provide you with career and job preparation training. Please contact us right away!

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