a woman holding a big box because making mistakes at work

Sometimes without realizing it, we are making mistakes at work several times. The mistakes produced usually range from minor to major. Well, most of us are at a loss as to what to do to deal with these mistakes. In this article, Loker Bali will discuss what are the common mistakes that commonly occur in the workplace and how to overcome them. Come on, let's look at it together!

a woman holding her head because making mistakes at work


Everyone will want to put up their best effort in order to get satisfactory results. However, we can unintentionally exhaust our energy to the point that we forget to give our bodies time to rest. Working excessively instead of providing satisfaction can actually make the stress which causes the performance to get worse and decrease. The thing you can do is work smart, which means knowing when to work and when to rest.

Lack of communication

Communication is essential in all aspects of life, especially when we work. Work will always flow smoothly if you communicate well with your teammates or supervisors at work. This will prevent miscommunication, which can lead to failures or misunderstandings among coworkers. The best thing you can do is update your supervisor or coworkers on your work progress on a frequent basis.

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Not controlling voice

When talking to coworkers or even our superiors, we sometimes make the mistake of accidentally elevating our voice tone. This is quite common because it is based on the fatigue factor of working all day or performing duties that drain the mind and energy, causing our mood to become irritated. If you did this, don't panic and apologize to them right away!

Not well-prepared

We occasionally make mistakes at work of failing to be prepared for a meeting. For example, if you don't keep track of your work progress, and when it's your turn to speak up you won't be able to express yourself correctly. This may appear insignificant, but it will have a big impact on your work professionally. Make it a habit to always be prepared before a meeting by writing down your progress and the struggles you have!

Not smiling

It's been said that a smile is a kind of worship. Although it is true that the mood cannot be lied to and that it is difficult to hide if we are not in a good mood. However, try to increase your smile at work, for example when greeting or chatting with your colleagues or bosses. With our warmful smile, we will be able to make people more comfortable being around us and we will always spread a positive aura.


Use your phone excessively

The second thing that can cause us making mistakes at work is to use our phones until we lose track of time. Actually, using our phones during work hours is permitted, but only when absolutely required. If you still have work to do, it is preferable to finish the work first rather than checking your phone every few minutes.

Not putting on the proper dress

It makes no difference whatsoever company you work for; dressed cleanly and professionally will help you project a more professional image. You will be seen as someone with a high attitude and worth. So it's important to think about the clothes you use while working. Even if your workplace does not have specific dress codes, it is always a good idea to pay care to your appearance by dressing cleanly and decently.

Playing games

You may be making mistakes at work by playing games during working hours. This mistake could occur because you have completed your duties for the day and have decided to spend your free time playing games. It would be preferable if you sifted through the work for the next day or week instead of playing games. Because seeing you playing games during work hours may trigger bad attitudes from those around you.

Not writing down things

Those of you who forget things easily will make a lot of blunders at work. It is not hard to set aside some time each day to write down anything important on a note that you can simply carry with you. This small detail will help you in remembering and updating projects, deadlines, and meeting schedules in the future. You'll be greatly helped if you do this one step, believe me!

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Protesting too much at work about job concerns will just make you look like you lack respect and self-esteem. People in our immediate vicinity who hear it will be uncomfortable and worried. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of every assignment committed to you, try to be appreciative and seek the wisdom of every task entrusted to you.

Putting on multiple faces

The world of work is the real reality of life. You can meet people who have different characteristics. This is not the place to be if you want to create the drama by being a duplicitous person. People will have no respect for you. So, be your true self and befriend anyone without choosing.

Chit-chatting nonsense

Making mistakes at work can also come from small things like chit-chatting not at the appropriate time and place. In writing an email to a coworker or boss, you probably have a lot to say. Avoid this because it will make you appear less professional. Write a message that is less than 300 words long and to the point. Recipients will be happier as well because you respect their time and will read it.

Such are the mistakes in the workplace that are quite common to occur. Making mistakes at work is not the end of everything. The key is not to panic and admit the mistake by apologizing immediately. Want to know more work tips? Come on, visit the Bali Loker website here!

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