seorang wanita sedang memegang kepala dengan ekspresi terkejut dan teman pria di sebelahnya sedang melihat ke arah laptop apple warna silver dengan ekspresi tercengang karena lowongan kerja yang palsu

Finding a job is not as simple as the neighbors claim. There are numerous challenges that you may not have anticipated. We must overcome many stumbling blocks before landing our dream job. Starting with low salaries, the number of fake job vacancies must be avoided in order to avoid being trapped. What are the characteristics of a fake job vacancy? So, without any further do, please look at the discussion below!

What are the 7 signs of a fake job vacancy?

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Charged fees

For various reasons, fake job vacancies usually require applicants to submit a fixed amount for the recruitment process. They claim the funds were used to purchase airline tickets, rent training facilities, and pay for training, among other things. They may also promise that the money sent will be returned after they have already been hired. As a result, be cautious when accepting such interviews. Keep in mind that the original company never charged any fees, from interviews to offer letters.

Unreasonable salary amount

To get the attention of potential victims, fake job vacancies usually include fantastic salaries in the ad. Salary is quite sensitive information, so discussing it while you are not yet an official employee of the company will appear unethical. So don't be taken in by their sweet promises!

Requesting personal information from applicants

Fake job openings usually require the applicant's personal information or data. For example, a request to send a selfie using a family card number (KK), ID card number, NPWP, or ID card. Please don't be fooled and share it, because it is important to note that personal information is confidential information.

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The ambiguity of the company's name and address

Have you ever received an interview invitation from a company whose name is unknown or doubtful of its authenticity? If that happens, Loker Bali has tips so you can find out whether the company is fake or not. The trick is to use Google to search for "scam + office name." There are reviews from people who apply or work there. Make sure you know the truth before you continue with any recruitment process from the company.

Requirements that are overly simple

Have you ever found job vacancies with too easy requirements? This can be one of the characteristics that the job vacancy is fake. Generally, the hiring process takes at least 1-2 weeks. Furthermore, the company has specific and explicit requirements for opening a job position. Candidates are typically chosen based on their skills, experience, abilities, and educational background. Because every company wants to attract the best and most qualified candidates. If you come across a job vacancy with job requirements that are too general and simple, you should be aware that the job openings may be fake.

Poor writing

Fake job openings usually have a lot of writing errors on their ads. These job vacancies usually use unusual language, confusing sentences, messy spelling language, typos, and non-genuine-looking company logos. If you receive such a job vacancy advertisement, be careful!

Suspicious company website domain

Original companies will typically have an official domain for their hiring process. Usually in the format "department/employee name + perusahaan.com name". If you're contacted by someone impersonating HRD or receiving an interview invitation, but the email address they're using is a free domain like Yahoo or Gmail, you need to be suspicious of the job opening.

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How to avoid fake job vacancy?

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Here are 3 ways you can try to avoid fake job vacancy:

Apply from the company's website

To avoid scams and ensure you're applying for the right job, you can apply from the official career page of the company. You will receive complete information in the form of required positions and qualifications, as well as the ability to submit a resume directly through the website. You can also sign up through the company's LinkedIn profile.

Do a research of the company

Before applying for a job that is widely advertised on the internet, it is a good idea to research each job vacancy first. You can check the company's official website to see if the job vacancies are real or not.

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Apply through an online job vacancy platform

The last tip to avoid fake job vacancies is you can also apply through online job vacancy platforms. However, you also need to be careful in owning the job vacancy platform, make sure the platform is real and upload the latest and trusted job openings.


Hopefully, this information about the 7 signs of fake job vacancy will be useful to those of you looking for work! Now there is no need to hesitate and be confused anymore to find a trusted online job vacancy platform. Loker Bali has the most recent job opening in Bali. Check out today's open vacancies!

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