Is it your friend's last day at work? Want to say goodbye but don't know what to say and are afraid of making a mistake? Stay calm and don't panic. Because in this article there are several ways to give a farewell speech to a friend at work. What are they? Check out the full article below!

a group of female employees doing a selca together at the office of the best digital agency in bali is one way to give a farewell speech to coworkers

Delivering in person

The first way you can give a farewell speech to a coworker is to say it in person. Don't hesitate to approach your coworker, whether you feel close to them or not, and convey your best wishes and prayers to them. By doing so, you are showing a professional attitude as a coworker. However, if it's not possible to meet in person, you can communicate via private chat or email.

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Gives a positive impression

When you want to give a farewell speech to your coworkers, create a comfortable atmosphere, and don't say anything sensitive to your coworkers. It's not uncommon for some of us to fail to deliver a goodbye message. So when we work together, we can share stories of prayer, gratitude, and kindness.

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Giving gifts

How to give a farewell speech to your next coworker is you can give a gift as a memento to your coworker. This will show your appreciation to your friend who will resign.

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Organizing a farewell event

The last thing you can do is organize a farewell event in the form of a small party. For example, you can organize a meal together after work with other coworkers. This allows you to give a farewell speech to your coworker in the right way.

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employees from the best digital agency in bali give cake as a sign of farewell speech to coworkers

Are you still confused about what to say in your farewell message? Loker Bali has summarized some examples of farewell messages to your coworkers below!

Speech from coworkers

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Speech from superiors to team members

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Speech from team members to superiors

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Those are some ways and recommendations for giving a farewell speech to coworkers in the office. Hopefully, this article can help you in saying goodbye to your friend who is going to resign. Get more information about workplace tips and career tips at Loker Bali Blog. Visit our website now!

In addition to online interviews, businesses can choose potential new hires by conducting a walk-in interview. A walk-in interview has a streamlined procedure that enables candidates to arrive at the interview location right away. This is in contrast to a normal interview, which requires candidates to submit a resume before being contacted for an interview. What then should you do to get ready for this job interview? See below for more information!

What is walk-in interview?

a recruiter and candidate are conducting a walk-in interview while holding a black pen in a white shirt and black tie

A walk-in interview is a type of interview that is frequently used by businesses to select a select group of applicants for immediate employment. Walk-in interviews are typically held at businesses that have a lot of openings for various positions and jobs.

The difference between this and a normal interview is that the company will check your CV/resume right away, so you won't need to submit one or set up an appointment time. This interview will take place somewhere other than just the office or business. This can be done in public spaces with a large capacity, such as hotels, halls, and other locations outside the company building.

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7 Tips for Succes in Walk-in Interview

a woman is doing a walk-in interview to a digital marketing agency company in Bali wearing a gray suit and shiny brown hair

Well, now you understand what a walk-in interview is. Next, let's find out what are the tips for participating in the walk-in interview. Check out the tips carefully!

Arrive early to the location

When attending a walk-in interview, try to arrive 20 to 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled time because this type of interview requires you to wait in line before your turn. The day before the interview, you can check the route to the interview location to determine the best route and mode of transportation.

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Prepare the application file

The most important thing you must do when conducting a walk-in interview is to bring the necessary application materials, including a CV/resume, a letter of job application, and other supporting documents like ID cards, diplomas, and other documents. Make sure to not forget any files, and make sure that all paperwork is neatly organized in folders or envelopes.

Wearing neat and decent clothes

The next piece of advice is to present yourself nicely and appropriately for interviews. Use clothing with a simple motif and colors that are not too conspicuous. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing. Applying makeup is acceptable for women, but do not overdo it. Make sure your hair is styled properly to avoid looking messy. Read more tips on how to dress during the interview below:

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Do some research on the company

The next step is to do some research on the business and job for which you are applying. You can discover more about the company's work culture, accomplishments, vision, and mission through this research, among other things. Typically, you can find out more about a company by visiting its official website. Don't forget to research the position you are applying for after that. Learn about the duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, salary range, and other aspects of each job.

Pay attention to posture and body language

Body language is a movement that is usually done unconsciously. These motions include vocalizations, gazes, gaze movements, and facial expressions. Examples include smiling and maintaining eye contact with the interviewer. Pay attention to how you are sitting as well. Your interest in your work can be communicated through good posture and body language.

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Learn the most frequently asked interview questions

To be able to answer the interview questions smoothly, do not forget to study the most common questions asked by recruiters. You can make a list of every question and practice answering them. You can work on your technique alone or in front of a mirror. You'll have plenty of time to prepare the best responses if you study these interview questions in advance.

Answering questions clearly

Answering interview questions clearly helps recruiters in understanding your background, experience, and accomplishments. You can demonstrate your communication skills as well. To be able to respond to all questions calmly, confidently, and smoothly during interviews, it is important to practice answering interview questions.

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That was an explanation of what a walk-in interview is and 7 tips to success, which should be helpful in completing a successful job interview. Do you need a resume in English? Simply translate it with Loker Bali. We offer translation services that can assist you with translating your resume or curriculum vitae. Visit our website right away!

Never underestimate your outfit for a job interview! Wearing appropriate clothing will help you make an excellent first impression and demonstrate your professionalism to HRD. Here are 9 suggestions for selecting clothing for a job interview. Check out the explanation below!

the candidates are waiting for their turn to interview and wear decent outfit for a job interview such as shirts and suits or blazers

Put on a shirt

The most secure outfit for a job interview is a shirt. It is not only simple but also tidy and professional. Use shirts made of cotton, silk, or flannel. To stay fresh, avoid ingredients that make you sweat. Don't show up to job interviews wearing a t-shirt. If you attend the interview wearing a T-shirt, you'll come off as being very laid back and out of place.

Put on shoes that cover the entire foot

Loafers or other types of work shoes are acceptable for men. There are numerous styles and models of loafers available right now. Without being overly formal, you can pick a model that looks professional. Women should wear footwear that covers their toes, such as flats or heels. For comfort and to avoid standing out, avoid wearing high-pitched heels.

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Avoid wearing too many accessories

Avoid excessive use of accessories, especially those that are large and flashy. HRD may become distracted by excessive accessories and concentrate on them instead of you. Select an outfit with a watch or belt that is simple, yet sophisticated and elegant.

Do not wear denim pants

Avoid wearing denim pants or jeans that are too casual. Jeans can make you look less professional and seem unprepared for a job interview, especially if you wear jeans that are perforated or torn. This clause is applicable to both formal companies and the creative or entertainment industries.

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Pay attention to your hairstyle.

An outfit for a job interview is just as important as your hairstyle. For men, applying hair gel or pomade will give your hair a more polished and long-lasting appearance. For women, you can either pull your hair back so it doesn't look messy or you can tie it up.

Pay close attention to your makeup

Make sure to always keep the appearance fresh and clean. If your face feels greasy, be sure to carry face paper. Makeup is acceptable as long as you don't overdo it.

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Putting on a suit or blazer

To look more formal, put on a suit or blazer. Please pick a color that you think goes well with the inner clothing you are wearing. You can use dark or neutral hues like navy, gray, or black.

Avoid wearing strong perfumes

It is certainly acceptable to wear perfume during a job interview as long as it is not overpowering. Choose an aroma that is light and fresh.

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Pay attention to the color and pattern of clothing

The last thing you need to pay attention to in choosing an outfit for a job interview is the color and motif of the clothes you use. You can dress in a shirt with plain patterns like stripes or solid colors. Avoid wearing shirts with eye-catching patterns or colors. Try pastel or white colors if you want to wear colorful clothing. You can also wear dark-colored clothes. Dark clothing is also acceptable.

How about wearing a hijab?

Loker Bali will also offer the following advice for those of you who wear the hijab:

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Those are 9 tips for selecting an outfit for a job interview, and hopefully, they will be helpful to those of you who will be attending the upcoming interview. Visit our website to learn how to prepare for job interviews from Loker Bali!

You want to apply for resignation from your job, but you're not sure how to give the best justifications for doing so while still upholding your professional reputation. The 11 reasons for leaving work that Loker Bali will list in this article will help you quit your job. Some of the causes are what? See the information below for more!

seorang wanita sedang membawa kardus berisi barang kantor miliknya dan berjalan menuju pintu keluar setelah berhasil memberikan alasan resign kerja yang tepat

Salary is incompatible

Another reason for leaving work is if the pay does not correspond to the required work. But if attempting to get a raise doesn't work, you can step back and search for better opportunities elsewhere. You may use this justification when requesting a job resignation if the current pay does not correspond to the duties assigned to you and salary advancement is not negotiable.

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Wishing to pursue further education

Not everyone is able to combine work and education. Some ultimately choose to leave their jobs in order to concentrate on getting good grades in college. A valid reason to leave your job is to pursue further education. Higher education is important for many people to pursue. A better career can be built through higher education as well.

Residence or domicile change

Resignation may also be motivated by a change in residence or address. For example, your family is relocating to Bandung while you continue to work in Bali. Ask your boss or HRD if working from home is an option before submitting your resignation letter. It would be best if you tried to keep working for the current business. If not, you can submit a resignation request citing a change of address.

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Health reasons

Health is the key to carrying out all activities including work. Poor health can decrease performance in the workplace. You may submit a resignation application if you have health issues that make it challenging or bothersome for you to work.

Poor work-life balance

Some businesses have unfavorable working hours and frequently require their staff to work past the overtime limit. The employee may become burned out as a result and decide to leave his position. If you're going to use it, the reason for resignation still appears professional and makes sense.

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A bad working environment

Each business has a unique culture and working environment. A productive workplace is one that encourages open communication in all directions, a comfortable working environment, and effective teamwork. However, if you believe that the workplace culture at the company is toxic, you can use this justification to submit a job resignation application.

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Deciding to start your own business

Starting your own business or company is the motivation behind quitting your next position. As soon as they had enough money, many workers made the decision to leave their jobs and launch their own businesses. If you have the desire to start your own business, this could be a reason for leaving job.

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Having a lack of development

Do you feel that you don't see any development in you when you work in the company now? Yes, it's possible that you've only been doing the same job for a short while and are unable to learn new skills. You can use this justification if you feel underdeveloped and need a new challenge.

Unclear career path

Another reason for leaving work from your current position is an unclear career path. For example, suppose you have worked for the same company for a long time and have consistently been given the same job without being promoted. You can specify this in your resignation letter if you feel this is the case and you want to move on to a position where you can pursue a clearer career path.

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Personal relationship commitment

Relationship commitments on a personal level can also be a cause for resignation. For example, you decided to concentrate on life, such as being a housewife, because you are married and have children. You cannot work and decide to prioritize your children's development at home and in your family. If so, you can give this excuse when you resign from your workplace

Career change

Your current job may not be in line with your educational background or interests, causing work performance to be less than optimal and often feel bored. The tip is to delay your resignation. You can take a few days off to relax and get rid of any boredom. If there is a chance to transfer to a department that interests you, you can also speak with the manager or HRD. However, if there is truly no other option, you may decide to resign for this reason.


So there you have it—11 reasons for leaving work, all of which are professional and should prove helpful to those of you who are struggling to come up with an explanation. Get other work tips that can support your future career success only at Loker Bali. Visit our website now!

Part-time jobs are extremely popular among college students and anyone in need of extra cash. Many small businesses and workplaces are now posting part-time job openings on job boards and social media. Let's look at an explanation of what part-time work is and 5 ideas of part-time jobs for students that you can try later!

What does a part-time job mean?

a man wearing a blue and white plaid shirt was holding a clock pointing at ten o'clock and pointing at him with the inscription part-time jobs for students

Part-time jobs require fewer hours of work than full-time jobs. Part-time workers have less time duration than full-time workers who work 40 hours per week. In addition to different working hours, part-time work is usually only temporary depending on the needs of the company.

Part-time work is typically done in shifts. However, it differs from shift workers in that they typically work eight hours per day, whereas part-time workers work less than that. Wages are usually paid after the work is completed, monthly at a nominal daily rate, or for all work done and accumulated.

What are the benefits of working part-time?

two women sleeping on the grass playing on their cellphones and reading books about part-time jobs for students

After explaining what part-time work is, Loker Bali will discuss the benefits of doing part-time jobs for students. Check out the following:

Build networking

Working part-time allows you to develop relationships with business owners, seniors, and coworkers. Always remember to build positive relationships. The establishment of this networking will be beneficial to you in the future when pursuing a career.

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Practice hard skills and soft skills

Working part-time will allow you to learn a variety of new things and skills. For example, you could work as a barista part-time and learn skills like brewing coffee, creating latte art, serving customers, and grinding coffee beans. Basically, any part-time job allows you to learn and improve on a variety of skills that will be useful in the future. Start your own business or work as a full-time employee.

Gain more work experience

Students may be unfamiliar with the world of work. Working part-time allows you to gain valuable work experience and learn about the world of work. You will also learn how to manage your time so that you can study and work at the same time.

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Help to save money

Another benefit of part-time jobs for students is that they can help you save money. Although the part-time work fee is lower than that of a full-time job, don't you think it's enough to just increase your spending money?

Before you apply for a job, download the free CV template at Loker Bali first!

Here are 5 part-time jobs for students that you can try

a woman who works as a part-time cashier is one of the part-time jobs for students

Wow, it turns out that working part-time has a lot of benefits! So, what are the 5 ideas for part-time jobs for students? See more below:


Many people are interested in working as a barista, either full-time or part-time. It's no surprise that there are many job openings for baristas. To apply for this job, you do not need to be skilled at making coffee or latte art. Typically, your boss or a senior employee will teach you at work. There are many part-time jobs available, ranging from street cafes to mall cafes. If you enjoy coffee, you could work part-time as a barista.

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A part-time job as a photographer is ideal for those of you who have hobbies or photography skills. You can work as this photographer for weddings, engagements, birthdays, and other important events. These events are usually held on weekends or public holidays, so they don't have too much impact on college or university schedules.

Content Writer

Another option for part-time jobs for students is to work as a content writer. Those of you who enjoy writing or are interested in writing blogs or social media can work part-time as content writers. This work is also flexible in terms of time because it can be completed remotely. You won't have to worry about missing classes.

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You can also do a part-time job as a cashier. Because almost every business requires a cashier, this type of work can be quite easy to find. For example, bookstores, grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and others. To work as a cashier, you must be friendly and able to form positive relationships with customers.


Working part-time as a translator may be a good option for those of you who have good foreign language skills, such as English or other languages. Many part-time translator positions are available on various job boards. This job is also flexible, allowing you to work from anywhere.

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How to get a part-time job?

a man is opening a laptop and looking for part-time job ideas for students on an online job portal

Ask a friend/family member

You can also ask friends and family about part-time job opportunities. They may have information or may suggest a job in the same location.

Follow job postings account on social media

There are now many social media accounts that offer a wide range of job opportunities, including full-time, part-time, internships, and others. There are numerous part-time jobs for students available.

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Look through the online job portal

You can sign up for several trusted job platforms that offer part-time job categories. You can also choose to work from home to be more flexible.

Find the latest and most complete part-time job vacancies on Loker Bali

You can try these 5 part-time jobs for students. Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your work experience, skills, and portfolio. Want to learn more about other workplace tips? Visit the Loker Bali blog right now!

Have you ever felt nervous before introducing yourself during a job interview? Don't worry! Loker Bali has compiled a list of 9 tips to help you succeed in making introductions during a job interview. Take a look at the discussion below!

Brief greetings

When meeting a recruiter for the first time, make a good first impression by greeting them with a short greeting, such as "Good morning/afternoon/afternoon", followed by shaking the recruiter's hand.

Word articulation and clarity

In addition to body language, pay attention to the clarity of each word you say. Many people are unable to express their feelings clearly for a variety of reasons, including nervousness or a desire to finish quickly. Because of this nervousness, the sentence that comes out often stammers and sounds unpleasant to the ear. You can practice job interviews with your friends so that you appear more prepared when introducing yourself during a job interview later.

Controlling body language

a woman wearing a black suit shaking hands with a recruiter during a job interview

Being able to control your body language is an important skill when making introductions at a job interview. When communicating with recruiters, use professional body language. Professional body language can include making natural eye contact and a friendly smile, making firm movements and speaking in a normal tone (not too high and not too low).

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Mention your full name and nickname

Before moving on to the next session of a job interview, you will usually be asked to say your name. Don't be nervous; instead, respond calmly by providing your full name, address, and job title. Examples:

"Hello! My name is (full name), and you can call me (nickname). I live in (address). I applied at this company as a (job position)."

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Choosing the best time to introduce yourself in a conversation

When recruiters ask you to describe yourself, they don't want to hear about your favorite food or other matters. The purpose of this question is for them to briefly discuss your career path and work experience. To begin answering this question, you can start by determining where your career journey started. Examples:

"I have a bachelor's degree in communication science. Previously, I spent two years working as a social media content creator and copywriter for various companies. Then I...."

If you are a fresh graduate, you can answer it by:

"This year, I graduated from a film and television studies program. I chose this study program because I enjoyed the film and was fascinated by the filmmaking process. Furthermore, I believe that beginning a career in the film industry is both challenging and exciting."

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Put manners first

a woman with long brown hair is doing a job interview in the office

Everything in a job interview, from body language to how you speak, should be polite. The way you walk into the room, shake the recruiter's hand, and are asked to sit is what draws the recruiter's attention.

In fact, during the self-introduction process, it can be confusing whether you should be calm or confident. However, what can cause problems is when the confidence is too high. Stay calm while feeling that this stage is something serious. You can convince the speaker later when you start introducing yourself.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible

It's critical to prepare for an interview by making yourself at ease. When meeting with recruiters, it is natural to feel nervous. Convince yourself that this job interview will go well in order to cultivate a sense of comfort.

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Focus on achievements and experiences

Focus on your story during the self-introduction session at the job interview later on your experiences, accomplishments, and skills. Explaining these points will help recruiters feel more at ease. The key point is that all of these things must be relevant to the company and the position for which you are applying. If you are a recent graduate, you can describe your organization, education, or work experience (full-time/part-time) while you were in school.

Explain why you applied

a woman explaining why she applied at the company during a job interview wearing a black white polka dot shirt

You can explain your reasons for applying to the company to the recruiter during the closing session of your self-introduction during a job interview. Example:

"As a result, working as a (job position) in this company is a great opportunity for me to improve my skills and build a better future career."

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That concludes our list of 9 tips for introducing yourself at a job interview. Still not happy with your job interview preparations? Join us for a job interview coaching! Loker Bali has a team of professional mentors ready to help you succeed in your upcoming job interview. Please contact us for a free consultation!


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