seorang wanita sedang tersenyum bahagia karena sukses menjalani walk-in interview dan mendapatkan tepuk tangan dari para perekrut

In addition to online interviews, businesses can choose potential new hires by conducting a walk-in interview. A walk-in interview has a streamlined procedure that enables candidates to arrive at the interview location right away. This is in contrast to a normal interview, which requires candidates to submit a resume before being contacted for an interview. What then should you do to get ready for this job interview? See below for more information!

What is walk-in interview?

a recruiter and candidate are conducting a walk-in interview while holding a black pen in a white shirt and black tie

A walk-in interview is a type of interview that is frequently used by businesses to select a select group of applicants for immediate employment. Walk-in interviews are typically held at businesses that have a lot of openings for various positions and jobs.

The difference between this and a normal interview is that the company will check your CV/resume right away, so you won't need to submit one or set up an appointment time. This interview will take place somewhere other than just the office or business. This can be done in public spaces with a large capacity, such as hotels, halls, and other locations outside the company building.

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7 Tips for Succes in Walk-in Interview

a woman is doing a walk-in interview to a digital marketing agency company in Bali wearing a gray suit and shiny brown hair

Well, now you understand what a walk-in interview is. Next, let's find out what are the tips for participating in the walk-in interview. Check out the tips carefully!

Arrive early to the location

When attending a walk-in interview, try to arrive 20 to 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled time because this type of interview requires you to wait in line before your turn. The day before the interview, you can check the route to the interview location to determine the best route and mode of transportation.

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Prepare the application file

The most important thing you must do when conducting a walk-in interview is to bring the necessary application materials, including a CV/resume, a letter of job application, and other supporting documents like ID cards, diplomas, and other documents. Make sure to not forget any files, and make sure that all paperwork is neatly organized in folders or envelopes.

Wearing neat and decent clothes

The next piece of advice is to present yourself nicely and appropriately for interviews. Use clothing with a simple motif and colors that are not too conspicuous. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing. Applying makeup is acceptable for women, but do not overdo it. Make sure your hair is styled properly to avoid looking messy. Read more tips on how to dress during the interview below:

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Do some research on the company

The next step is to do some research on the business and job for which you are applying. You can discover more about the company's work culture, accomplishments, vision, and mission through this research, among other things. Typically, you can find out more about a company by visiting its official website. Don't forget to research the position you are applying for after that. Learn about the duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, salary range, and other aspects of each job.

Pay attention to posture and body language

Body language is a movement that is usually done unconsciously. These motions include vocalizations, gazes, gaze movements, and facial expressions. Examples include smiling and maintaining eye contact with the interviewer. Pay attention to how you are sitting as well. Your interest in your work can be communicated through good posture and body language.

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Learn the most frequently asked interview questions

To be able to answer the interview questions smoothly, do not forget to study the most common questions asked by recruiters. You can make a list of every question and practice answering them. You can work on your technique alone or in front of a mirror. You'll have plenty of time to prepare the best responses if you study these interview questions in advance.

Answering questions clearly

Answering interview questions clearly helps recruiters in understanding your background, experience, and accomplishments. You can demonstrate your communication skills as well. To be able to respond to all questions calmly, confidently, and smoothly during interviews, it is important to practice answering interview questions.

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That was an explanation of what a walk-in interview is and 7 tips to success, which should be helpful in completing a successful job interview. Do you need a resume in English? Simply translate it with Loker Bali. We offer translation services that can assist you with translating your resume or curriculum vitae. Visit our website right away!

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